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"Serving Harlem for 12 years"

The Nail Suite is dedicated to providing high quality nail services to its new and current clientele. We are committed to using the most natural and organic products when possible including our bespoke creams, scrubs and oils.


Specializing in natural nail care and maintenance, the nail technicians are able to aid and advise clients with nail services and provide individualized care.  When you walk into the Nail Suite you will notice the calming scent of essential oils. This air-quality is possible because we do not do acrylic services.While we love, beautiful enhancements, we prefer to create those exact same looks without acrylics in an odor-free environment.

The Nail Suite is not all business, they know how to have fun! Nail art, gel manicures, gel enhancements and libations are always available to clients! 


Frequently Asked Questions

Why don’t you do acrylics?

We promote natural nail care by carefully selecting products that are free of the worst toxic chemicals, yet still give you the beautiful nails you love. That’s also why acrylic nails aren’t our thing. We don’t want you, our employees, or our fresh air to be exposed to the resins and formaldehydes found in acrylics.

What is your cancellation policy?

Should you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment to a future date, we ask that you contact us 24 hours before your appointment. If you don't cancel within that time frame, we will withhold your $25 deposit. All same day bookings are subject to a late cancellation fee of 50 percent of the appointment.

What if I’m late?

Please arrive on time or five minutes early to check out our nail design lookbook. We always try our best to accommodate our clients should they happen to run late. However, after 10 minutes, we may not be able to offer you the service as booked. After 20 minutes, your appointment will be cancelled and subject to our CANCELLATION POLICY. We encourage you to browse our seasonal menu prior to your appointment.

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